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Creating A Beautiful Business

Have you ever sat down and thought about how successful your business was and how successful it could become? It isn't a reality that a lot of people want to face, which is why a lot of people don't even think about it. However, a few years ago, I sat down with a business consultant, and we really hashed out the details. We went over everything from inventory acquisition to managing employees, and I was able to create a successful business by making a few sweeping changes. This blog is all about creating an excellent company by looking at the hard things.

Your Paint Testing Questions Answered

The interior paint of a home may have been on it for years before you moved into the house. As a result, you may not be very familiar with the history of the paint that you encounter on a daily basis. Why Would You Want To Have Your Paint Inspected Or Tested? It is an unfortunate reality that lead was commonly used in paints and other home supplies. For those that live in homes that are fairly old, there may be a high risk that at least some of the interior paint contains lead. Read More 

Tips For Sourcing Job Candidates From Online Recruitment Marketplaces

When it comes to finding new employees for your business, a quick sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process is always desirable. Online recruitment marketplaces, also commonly referred to as job boards, are wonderful places to source candidates and find those qualified people you want to bring in for an interview. If you have never used an online marketplace before, then these tips will help you quickly and accurately source potential interviewees. Tip: Write a Very Detailed Ad for the Marketplace Read More 

5 Reasons Meeting Friends Through Apps Is A Great Idea

As we continue to age, it can be difficult to meet new friends. This is because we tend to stay pretty set in our routines and we may not come into contact with a lot of new people each day. The good news is friends apps are changing this for the better. New friend apps are a great way to form new friendships and find people with similar interests. Here are some of the top reasons why meeting friends through apps is a great idea: Read More