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Why Use LED Lights For Business Signage?

Are you looking to install business signs that stand out? A bulk of business signage has traditionally used neon and fluorescent lighting. But LED lights are proving to be a better bargain with their lower power consumption and longevity. LED lights have taken the world by storm in the past few years and have become preferred for indoor lighting. The signage industry is fast catching on to the benefits of this lighting in making eye-catching signs. Why should you pick LED signs for your business signage?

More Custom Options

LED lights come in a wide range of colors across the whole spectrum, from warm to cool. Unlike conventional lights that require coloring on the holder, the LED color is in the emitting device. There is no need for colored covering to give color to the light. You can make flashy multi-colored signs with a simpler design and setup than fluorescent or neon signs.

LED lighting comes in different designs: traditional shaped bulbs, panels, and strips. LED panels have become very popular for making multi-colored letter signs. You can get LED panels and strips in the sizes you need to fit your sign design without affecting their working.

LED lighting also has a wider range of brightness than other forms of lighting. You can have low brightness 200 lumens lights for indoor signage to eye-searing 2600 lumens lights for external signs. There are dimmable LED lights whose brightness you can vary to stand out as daylight changes.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting works differently from other types of lighting because it does not rely on heating for light. It makes it consume significantly less power than other types of lighting. They become a very attractive option if you are running several large outdoor signs with bright lights. Your power bill will be a lot less than what you would pay with conventional signage. You will also do the environment a favor by saving energy.

Long Life

LED sign lights are perfect for 24/7 signage because of their longevity. While neon signs dim as the gas escapes, LED lights keep their brightness because the light comes from the diode itself. LED lighting can go for over five years. It saves you replacement costs.

LED lighting is low maintenance. You can deploy LED lights on a dusty and windy roadside, and they will perform superbly. You can clean them by hosing them down with water. Repair is easy because you only have to replace the damaged part of the strip or panel, unlike normal lights that need whole replacement.

Do you want signage that will set your business apart from the crowd? Talk to a signage designer about installing LED lights