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3 Ways To Check A German Dressage Horse's Health Before You Buy

If you want to buy a German dressage horse, then it might not be possible for you to check the animal out in person. You'll have to rely on the information you get from the breeder or sales company.

If you use a reputable company, then this shouldn't be an issue. However, you should make sure to make as many health checks as you can before you commit to the purchase. How can you do this?

1. Get a Basic Health Check

If the breeder or sales agent has a website, you can use this site to learn quite a lot about a horse. Typically, you should be able to find out basic health information here. You might not see much detail on the horse's listing; however, you should be able to request a more in-depth medical history.

In some cases, horses that are up for sale will have had recent X-rays done that you can ask to access. If you're interested in a horse that hasn't had any recent scans, then you can ask for them to be done. These can help you or your vet assess the health of the animal more effectively.

2. Ask for Videos

If a horse has a listing on a site, then you can expect to see plenty of photos. In some cases, the listing also includes videos. These may be videos of the horse at rest that give you an idea of its general health and condition. Some companies also include footage of the horse in action so you can see its current skills and training potential.

These videos give you the chance to see how the horse looks and behaves. If the videos on offer aren't recent, then keep in mind that you can always ask for a new one to be made to help you decide whether to buy or not.

3. Have a Pre-Purchase Examination

Once you choose a horse, you should arrange a pre-purchase vetting exam before you sign any paperwork. If you're buying a horse that is in Germany, then this typically involves a local vet going through a range of standard tests to check that the horse is fit, healthy and has no obvious conditions or illnesses.   

Make sure to find out what this exam will cover. If you have special requests, add them to the list. Some companies will also allow you to involve your vet in the process. They can be there, either on the phone or via video chat, when the overseas vet runs through their checks.

To find out more, contact companies that manage the sale and transport of German dressage horses.