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4 Tips For Successfully Installing Network Cabling

If you need to install new network cabling in your business, you want to get the cable installation process correct the first time. With the right installation techniques, you will be able to enjoy a strong network connection for several years without needing upgrades.

Use High-Quality Networking Cables

When it comes to the type of cables you use for your network, go for the top of the line capable that supports the largest amount of data transfer. This will help keep your system relevant for a longer period. If you go with subpar cables that support lower transfer speeds, as data transfer technology changes, your system is going to quickly become out of date. Installing cables with the largest data transfer rates will help ensure your new network cables work for as long as possible.

Combine Voice & Data Cables

There is really no need to install separate voice and data cables in your business. Your data cables can easily double as your voice cables if you choose to use either a VoIP phone system or a Cloud PBX System. Running one system of cables through your building will help simplify the installation process. Additionally, phone systems run through data cables usually provide you with a stronger connection.

 Keep Away from Electrical Cables

When setting up the cables for your network, it is important to keep away from electrical cords and cables. Electrical cords and cables can interfere with the transfer of data in your cables. Electrical cables create a little magnetic field that can interfere with your network cables and will interfere with the signal from those cables.

Follow Building Rules

Finally, when installing network cables, you need to make sure you are following local building codes. If you are not sure of what the local building codes or ordinances are regarding laying down network cables, call the local building office and ask. The building code enforcers should be happy to share the information with you or direct you to where you can get the information you need in order to make sure your network cabling installation project is up to code.

You don't have to install network cables on your own. You can pay a professional Network Cabling Installer in your area. Always go for the best cables and consider combining your data and voice cables. Stay away from electrical lines, and make sure your installation process follows all building codes. A professional will ensure that the best products are used, and all best practices are followed regarding the installation of your new cables.