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Your Paint Testing Questions Answered

The interior paint of a home may have been on it for years before you moved into the house. As a result, you may not be very familiar with the history of the paint that you encounter on a daily basis.

Why Would You Want To Have Your Paint Inspected Or Tested?

It is an unfortunate reality that lead was commonly used in paints and other home supplies. For those that live in homes that are fairly old, there may be a high risk that at least some of the interior paint contains lead. When individuals are exposed to lead, it can lead to a gradual poisoning. This is particularly severe for children as their smaller bodies will more quickly reach dangerous levels of exposure. It is possible to have the paint in your home inspected and tested to determine whether or not it contains lead.

What Happens If Lead Is Found In The Paint?

In the event that the lead test is positive, you will need to schedule to have the paint removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, it may be wise to arrange for your family to vacate the home until the lead has been removed so that you can minimize exposure. You should also be aware of the fact that many communities may require individuals to obtain permits in order to remove lead-based paints or other products.

Can You Replace The Paint Yourself?

Individuals might want to attempt to replace the paint without hiring professionals or they may simply try to paint over it. Attempting to remove lead paint can lead to you inadvertently suffering exposure to very high levels of lead. Also, simply painting over the lead will not be an effective step as the new layer of paint may chip or flake, which can lead to exposure. Due to the extreme danger of lead exposure, your community may also have regulations mandating this be done by professionals to ensure environmental and public health standards are met.

Will Your Homeowner's Insurance Always Pay For The Lead Paint Testing And Removal?

The costs of lead paint removal can be somewhat high, but your insurance might cover some of this expense. Unfortunately, the laws concerning the obligation of homeowner insurance providers to cover lead removal are extremely complicated and they can vary depending on the state. Therefore, you might want to closely review your policy to determine whether lead removal is covered by your particular policy.

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